Various Articles

Camera-by-Camera Summary

Camera-by-Camera Summary of Artefacts

Nikon Coloured Concentric Ring Artefacts

Coloured Concentric Rings Caused by Nikon's Lossy Compression

Coloured Concentric Rings Caused by Nikon's Hardcoded Image Correction

How Shading Corrections Cause Coloured Concentric Rings

Sony Coloured Concentric Ring Artefacts

Sony Concentric Coloured Polygons

Sony A7S Concentric Rings

Diagnosis of Camera Artefacts

Diagnosing Baked-In Concentric Rings

Diagnosing Raw Data Filtering

Sony "Star Eater"

Sony Spatial Filtering (a.k.a. "Star Eater")

Sony Spatial Filtering - Latest Algorithm

Diagnosing the Sony "Star Eater"

Various Technical Discussions

Colour Matched DSLR Flats

Colour-Correct Image Processing

Critique of a Typical Photoshop/AdobeCameraRaw Workflow

An Example Colour-Correct Workflow

Linear Workflow Using Photoshop's 32bit Mode

Photoshop Colour Preserving Stretch


Building the Shelley Observatory

Canon 350D Peltier Cooling

Canon 550D Mirror Removal